The Ultimate Treat: Get a Gummy Bear of Yourself

Posted on February 27, 2013 by
Get a Gummy Bear of Yourself

Get a Gummy Bear of Yourself

If you suddenly turned into a gummy bear, would you eat yourself? It’s not a question not many people think about (or do they?) but one we may have have to face soon enough.

According to Shortlist, a Japanese bistro called FabCafe is offering individuals the opportunity to have gummy bears made to look like them. The process involves a full body scan which allows the cafe to create the mould for the gummy you. The process can all be done for $66.81 (CDN).

It was originally offered to celebrate Japan’s White Day which is like a second Valentine’s Day where men give gifts to women (reversely, men are typically the ones who receive gifts from women on February 14th).

So the next question is: do you eat the head or the feet first?

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