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Someone Threw A Shoe at Harry Styles’ Balls

Posted on February 27, 2013 by
Harry Styles Gets Sacked By a Shoe

Poor Harry Styles got hit in his nether regions by a shoe during One Direction’s Glasglow show last night.

An overzealous fan threw a pair of shoes on stage. The first of the pair harmlessly landed onstage while the second hit Styles right in the family jewels. Watch as Styles dramatically falls over.

No, it wasn’t Taylor Swift that threw the Keds-like shoe and as far as we know, it wasn’t a Wanted fan either. But yes, it would’ve been funny if the shoe was from Swift’s Keds footwear line because hey, SYMBOLISM!

I might as well add that I’m a little disappointed the shoe thrower didn’t aim higher. It would’ve been hilarious if Styles had a little George W. Bush ninja-like shoe-dodging skills in him.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RFH7C3vkK4]


Like a boss.

I’d also like to add that since I’m a girl, I have no idea just how painful this might be. Basically, this is how I would react:

For the record, Styles is okay.

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