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March is approaching which means this infernal, unending winter is almost over (I hope). March is also the time when most youths get a week off school and can jet to exotic locals that contain beaches and/or a lot of alcohol. But even if you’re not luckily enough to spend a week getting alcohol poisoning in the sun, you can still have a fun time at home. Fill your bedroom with sand and pretend you’re at the beach, or if your parents/roommates/cats object to that (as I am most certain that they will) turn up this playlist and jam out to these island-ish tunes while you spend every day of your break on Tumblr.

1) Island in the Sun – Weezer


To me, this is the quintessential vacation song. It just conjures images of floating around a pool with sunglasses on, while being fed grapes by some male servants (…or something like that, I definitely haven’t thought about it that much…). It’s also a great uplifting track to make you feel better when it’s March and it seems like the sun may never surface again.

Best for: starting the week, reminding yourself that you’re on vacation.

2) All Eyes on You – St. Luica

[youtube http://youtu.be/Wbn8iSSKEyk]


You might know this song from a recent series of Victoria’s Secret ads, but it was my official song of Summer 2012 (“I knew it before it was cool,” she said pretentiously). There’s just something so relaxed in the tone of this song, I think it’s perfect for unwinding during your at home vacation. You can bop your head enthusiastically while dancing around your kitchen as you eat Oreos or some similar domestic activity.

Best for: going to the pretty beach in your head

3) Cake – Toro y Moi

[youtube http://youtu.be/edmofSJFEtw]


For me, vacations from school are doubly relaxing because I get to have the house to myself as everyone else slumps their way to work. I frequently use this alone time to play music obnoxiously loud while dancing/eating/instagramming. Toro y Moi is one of the reigning kings of chillwave and this track off his latest album “Anything In Return” is one of my favourite booty shakers.

Best for: pretending you’re in a Harlem Shake video but with better music.

 4) Feel It All Around – Washed Out

[youtube http://youtu.be/S-0TYeg9Rzc]


You’re going to need some seriously relaxing tunes for this break. After all, you lead a stressful life. I mean, all those books about medieval England didn’t just read themselves this semester did they (full disclosure: I didn’t even read them. LOL)? Dedicate one day of your break to wearing a onesie all day, reading books, and drinking tea and/or the caffeinated beverage of your choosing and play this song while you do it. Whenever I hear this, a movie-like montage runs through my head: sitting on the counter boiling water, scratching a cat’s ears while you read, napping peacefully while your hair fans out like a halo around your head (I may watch too many movies). Feel the relaxation all around.

Best for: being a sluggish as humanly possible.

5) Domino – Jessie J

[youtube http://youtu.be/UJtB55MaoD0]


I don’t know why I’m sticking this song on this list. There’s something about it that just makes me really, really happy. Seriously, as I type this I’m lip-synching like an idiot. But there’s something about time off school that makes me feel happy too; I just don’t have to go and sometimes that puts a bigger smile on my face than anything else.

Best for: remembering that you are freeeeeeee


6) How We Do (Party) – Rita Ora

[youtube http://youtu.be/dOOxlVUC08Q]


A spring break at home is a pretty good time to party, as Rita suggests, “when it isn’t even the weekend”. Try not to spend the entire week rotting at home, and venture out into the abyss at least once and play this while you’re getting ready. It’s a great reminder of the moral of spring break which is to party hardy.

Best for: picking the best outfit to roll up in da club with.

7) Bankrobber – The Clash

[youtube http://youtu.be/ttJBdr6eBuo]


This is an oldie but a (very, very) goodie. Here the Clash spin a pretty adorable tale about a harmless bank robber who didn’t hurt anyone and just takes their money (I think it’s also some kind of commentary on working class jobs). This song definitely has a ska/reggae vibe which is perfect for imagining that you are sipping drinks on a beach in Jamaica and not watching HBO on your laptop in frigid Canada.

Best for: pretending to tan by lying on the bathroom floor.

8) Drunk – Ed Sheeran

[youtube http://youtu.be/G2fOum_KWQU]


One perk of being home all day: day drinking, y’all (in a casual way not, like, an alcohol problem way). In this song Ed is drinking “all by himsellllllf”, but that’s a bit of a bummer so have a little cocktail day with your friends/cats/cactus collection and have a boozy Wednesday afternoon that you wouldn’t normally be able to have if you were at school (I HOPE).

Best for: Drinking afternoon margaritas.


9) Holiday – Vampire Weekend

[youtube http://youtu.be/vraoiVCDdaM]


This song is literally about going on vacation, which makes it perfect for this playlist. I particularly connect with the lyrics “dozing underneath my sheets” since I, like the common housecat, could sleep for about 17 hours if given the opportunity (laziness, thy name is Evan). This song sort of embodies everything that’s great about vacations and makes you wish that they would last forever.

Best for: napping all day, and not taking off your PJs aka. The best vacation activity.

10) Houstatlantavegas – Drake


[youtube http://youtu.be/YwKxgI6XzT0]


This song is relaxing but is also pretty sobering. It’s about a girl who has to work hard to make her dreams come true, which I think is great for that last Sunday before you go back to school. Life has been so sweet, but it’s time to get sucked back into the horrors of real life. It’s also mellow enough to keep from having a panic attack about all the work you have been ignoring for the past week.

Best for: ever so gently easing your way back into the daily grind.

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