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13 Boy Meets World Moments to remember while getting excited for Girl Meets World

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All us 90’s kids were filled with excitement (and possibly a little dread) when we heard that Boy Meets World‘s creator Michael Jacobs was going forward with the show’s spin-off,  Girl Meets World.  Something tells me that the majority of the people who will watch this show will be nostalgic 20-30 year olds, opposed to the target pre-teen audiences. Who’s complaining? Not me.


Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will resume roles their roles as Cory and Topanga, parents to Riley Mathews, as played by 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard. Her friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) has been casted as Riley’s best friend.

Jacob’s told Entertainment Weekly the show will follow Riley as she struggles to grow up and yes, we can expect to see some familiar faces. By the way, I just might die when Uncle Eric shows up… or even Uncle Shawn for that matter. Jacobs also mentioned that Riley will be more like one parent than the other, however traits of the other parent will kick in every now and then.

Jacobs also let it spill that Cory and Topanga will still not be perfect and will struggle with their relationship every now and then. I am seriously excited for more Cory/Topanga cuteness and hilarity.

Let’s be real – we all just want to see Mr. Feeny have to endure teaching another Matthews. Did we really believe Feeny would retire?

To get you all excited about Girl Meets World filming the pilot this month, I bring to you the 12 best moments of Boy Meets World.

Cory and Shawn’s “Secret Handshake”


The guys dancing to “Hot Stuff”

The Feeny call


Life’s tough, get a helmet


Feeny’s last words 

Topanga’s makeup mishap

Eric Mathews is “Plays-With-Squirrels”

Cory and Topanga sing “War”

Cory and Topanga’s first kiss


“Boy Meets World” references itself

Cory Matthews just wants to touch something

Shawn and Cory break up

Eric Matthews cuts his hair

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