12 Television Genre Swaps you didn’t see Coming

Posted on February 26, 2013 by

Shows are defined by their genres — some shows are dramatic and emotionally heavy, and others we love because they’re fluffy and fun to watch. What happens when you take your favourite dramatic show and turn it into a comedy? Or when you take your favourite character from your favourite comedy and make him the psycho antagonist? Well, ANDPOP wants to show you what your favourite shows would look like if they were a different genre.

I don’t know if I will ever look at Kurt Hummel in the same again, while Abed, on the other hand, I had always pictured as a serial killer. One things for sure though if The Walking Dead was comedy, that would one warped TV show. I mean, zombies eating people isn’t something I commonly find funny. Although, psycho killer Maggie Smith would be quite funny if Dowton Abbey were a horror show.  I guess all this possibilities is why fan-fiction is all the rage…alongside other reasons that shall not be discussed.

Glee as Horror

Downton Abbey as Horror

Community as a Drama

American Horror Story as a Romance

Sherlock as a Comedy

Glee as an Action Movie

The Vampire Diaries as a Love Story

Downton Abbey as a 80’s Comedy

Community as Horror

The Walking Dead as a Sitcom

The Game of Thrones as a Romantic Comedy

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