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The 21 Best Moments of Rebel Wilson On Film (and In Real Life)

Posted on February 25, 2013 by

These past few years have belonged to Rebel Wilson’s growing film career, and we are just going along for the ride. Over the past few years Wilson has had us peeing ourself laughing in Bridemaids, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Struck By Lightning, and obviously Pitch Perfect.

I feel like Fat Amy is this year’s icon. I haven’t seen a movie this gif-able, as frequently blogged about and as casually quoted since Mean Girl because let’s be honest, we all have some Amy in us. If Rebel Wilson was here, I am sure she would have  make a dirty joke about that previous statement.

I hope Rebel Wilson’s career lasts a very long time because I can’t help but smile when she’s on the screen. She is the epitome of a scene stealer. The greatest thing about her is her improv. Most of the time, we weren’t always laughing at the writers’ beloved jokes. We were instead laughing at her own comedic genius. For example, while Chris Colfer DID write the lines, “Bitch fork” and “Bite me, hobbit,” he did not write the hilarious “we will spread that shit like nutella” in Struck By Lightning. The movie was brilliant as is, but Wilson brought a little darkness to the small comedy.

Sorry Lena Dunham, but I think Rebel Wilson is the voice of this generation. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t think Rebel Wilson is the most hysterical person to grace Young Hollywood. It’s because of her that people watch Pitch Perfect on a constant basis.

My favourite thing about Rebel Wilson is how she is funny on- and off-screen. There is nothing not to love about this woman, and her co-stars have only great things to say about her. I have made the official decision that she and I need to be best friends… So Rebel, if you ever read this, fly me over to L.A. and we should get a few drinks together. Sounds good?

See Rebel Wilson’s greatest moments below 

Pitch Perfect: “Fat Amy”

Bridesmaids: “Brynn” 

Struck By Lightning: “Malerie Baggs”

…and then it gets better


What to Expect When You’re Expecting: “Janice”

…And then there’s Rebel Wilson as Rebel Wilson


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