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“Go Missin’” – Usher and Diplo

Usher and producer Diplo are at it again, after their first collaboration “Climax” brought Usher back to relevancy. The two make a great team as Usher’s new single “Go Missin’” combines the best of Diplo’s electro dub beats with Usher’s smooth R&B croons. The track starts off with a great synth line and hard beat and just gets better from there.

“Heart Attack” – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato breaks it down in her new single “Heart Attack.” The usually demure songstress makes full use of synthesizers and vocal effects to bring us this club banger, and boy does it work. Demi sings about being afraid to fall in love but we all know the girl has nothing to worry about with talent like hers. Demi’s new album is scheduled to be released later this year.

“All the Time” – The Strokes

The Strokes recently treated us to a new track “One Way Trigger” and the boys are kind enough once again to grace us with a new track off their upcoming album Comedown Machine. While “One Way Trigger” was so far off the classic Strokes sound that it sounded like a completely different band, “All the Time” is as Strokes-y as it comes with alternative guitars, driving rhythms and Julian Casablancas’ brooding vocals that we all know and love. Comedown Machine drops Mar. 26.

“Entertainment” – Phoenix

After Phoenix’s hugely popular debut album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the French band is back with their first single off their new album. The exuberant track is cheery, and filled with an almost oriental sounding synth line that just makes the entire track soar. My only complaint about the track is that it sounds almost like every other Phoenix track mashed into one, but why try to fix what isn’t broken right? Phoenix’s new album Bankrupt hits stores April 23.

“Carried Away” – Passion Pit

Passion Pit’s new video stars the ever-beautiful Sophia Bush in a charming little mini film about a quirky couple trying to keep their relationship alive. The video stars singer Michael Angelakos and Bush as they try all sorts of things including adopting a cat to revive their relationship. As they realize it’s almost over, their house literally destroys around them as well. But not to worry, fellow optimists, Angelakos and Bush realize they still have some affection left by the end and all’s well that ends well. Yay!

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