18 Best Tumblr Reactions to Leonardo DiCaprio and The Oscars

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The Oscars only happen once a year but 364 days of that year, the people of tumblr rant and cry over how the Academy continues to unjustly snub Leonardo DiCaprio. Has The Academy never seen Inception? Shutter Island? Revolutionary Road? Blood Diamond? TITANIC?

Yes, if you were wondering, I am that person on tumblr who cries about this brilliant man’s lack of awards and don’t even get me started on the fact Johnny Depp has never won one either. My fingers are crossed for Leo to finally win all the awards for his role in The Great Gatsby — well all know he will own the part. Go check out the trailers, I promise you will not regret it.

Anyways, check out some of tumblr’s hysterical reactions last night to the lack of Leonardo Dicaprio at the festivities.




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4 Responses to “18 Best Tumblr Reactions to Leonardo DiCaprio and The Oscars”

  1. hainal_?? says:

    I think the Acadamy is completely blind!

  2. Ali says:

    Everyone needs to get over it. He makes $20 million a film, works with the best people, highly respected by the industry, and we still feel bad for him because he didn’t win an award that would do NOTHING for his career at this point? Come on.

    • hainal_?? says:

      You are right! It doesn’t matter he receives an Oscar or not. It doesn’t make him a better actor, because with an Oscar or without an Oscar DiCaprio is one of the greatest actor ever. And who likes his movies will like his movies without an Oscar as well. But it’s just would be nice to see that he receives it.

  3. I’m crying laughing, but I do feel for him — poor Leo

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