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Ryan Gosling gets embarrassed by a Dish Towel

Posted on February 23, 2013 by

Ryan Gosling may be known as the unofficial “Sexiest Man Alive”  but he sure is embarrassed by all the unique accolades he gets.  From his infamous Hey Girl memes to his Tim Horton’s mug, Gosling was further embarrassed when he was presented with a homemade dish towel with his face on it.

Helmed by a woman in New Zealand, Gosling was in fits of laughter while the interviewer kept pushing the joke of the towel further by making him look at it.

That being said, is it sad that I had to pause this video at least five times while watching? I just really could not handle Ryan’s cuteness here.

While seeing the towel may be like “looking at the sun”, I think someone needs to be get a hold of one of these for me ASAP.

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