Picking Oscar Favourites Based On Hunger Games Potential

Posted on February 23, 2013 by

A friend of mine recently commented on one of the many Oscar links I’ve shared on Facebook and said reading the story I just posted made him care less about the Oscars (blasphemy!). He also added the following:

“My Oscar nominations are based on: Number of aliens slain by Iron Man, quality of wizard/hobbit relations, and whether or not the lead character would survive in the Hunger Games.”

Touché, friend. Touché. But I have to wonder: who would win based on his criteria?

Considering Academy’s best picture nominees do not include Iron Man, aliens, wizards or hobbits, we’re going to pick our Oscar favourites based on the lead character’s ability to survive The Hunger Games. Here we go!

(Graphic by Kathleen Obtinario)

I’ll have to find out if he was right during tomorrow’s Oscar broadcast!


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