The Spit: k-os Talks Why California Is Like Sex

Posted on February 22, 2013 by


Rapper k-os drops some wisdom during his sit-down interview with our host Simon Mohos for the first edition of “The Spit.”

His latest effort, the double album BLack on BLonde, defies genre-boundary lines as he mixes rock with hip-hop. It’s a feat that has been tried by many but k-os’ efforts will succeed where others have failed.

The Toronto-bred artist is not only the biggest music lover you could ever find, but also probably the most intelligent man in business. On “The Spit,” the musical mad scientist dishes on the album, shares his thoughts on the pop radio and why California is like sex.

“They don’t know how to see it as its pure form,” says k-os. “It just becomes something to do.”

We’re glad you’re back k-os.

BLack on BLonde is available now!

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