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Movie Roles Photoshopped With Actors Who Almost Played Them

Posted on February 22, 2013 by

Hollywood movies can go through the whole roladex of would-be leading men and ladies before the final actors are chosen. When a star like Leonardo DiCaprio nails a movie role like in Titanic, it’s hard to imagine the movie without him (unlike Rose, I would NEVER let go). Can you believe the Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin even had a chance at landing the role of a lifetime? Vanity Fair put together this crazy collage of what some of our fav films would look like if the roles had gone to other stars in consideration. Here’s our favourite finds.

Lindsay Lohan – Alice in Wonderland

I’d only believe Lindsay as innocent Alice if it was Mean Girls-era LiLo.

Bill Murray – Star Wars

Nobody in a galaxy far, far away would have take the comedian as serious action star in his SNL days.

Ellen Page – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

As badass as Ellen Page is, her face would have been way too sweet to play Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish thriller.

Christopher Walken – Pirates of the Carribean

Why am I not surprised Johnny Depp landed the hunky role of Captain Jack Sparrow instead?

John Travolta – Forrest Gump

The only thing crazier than Tom Hanks not being first choice for Forrest is the fact that John Travolta said no to the role.

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