Harry Potter Chocolate Gets an “F” in Human Rights.

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We all love chocolate and we all love Harry Potter but the director of The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA),  Andrew Slack, makes us think twice about munching on Harry Potter chocolate. In a video uploaded by nerimon, YouTuber Alex Day, who’s also friends with Slack, tells us that this tasty treat received an “F” for human rights by the advisors at Free2Work.

The Harry Potter Alliance wrote to Warner Brothers about this report,

“Dear Warner Bros,

We grew up inspired by the human rights messages that J.K. Rowling wove into the Harry Potter books and movies. We are upset to hear that Harry Potter chocolate gets an “F” in human rights…Albus Dumbledore asked us to choose between what is right and what is easy. We ask you to do the same. Show us the report.”

Warner Bros denies these allegations and refuses to release the report on the standards of their chocolate. Muggles and wizards are now coming together for this new campaign, Show Us the Report. The HPA is asking fans of the series to sign their petition to put pressure on the movie studio to release their official report.

What’s really upsetting is that the cocoa plant is one of the most corrupt crops in the world. Children are mistreated and forced into child labor just to harvest the coveted cocoa beans. This is not what Harry Potter stands for and neither should we!

So if you love chocolate and if you love Harry Potter, why not take a moment to sign the petition? It’s already gained over 15,000 signatures including those of the cast members of the Harry Potter movies.


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