Five Surprises You Learn on This Week’s Episode of Pretty Little Liars ” Hot Water”

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Pretty Little Liars Hot Water Recap

Pretty Little Liars Hot Water Recap

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was full of surprises. Not only did we have surprise visitors but we also came across surprising evidence. This episode kept me on my toes to say the least.

But just incase you missed it here are five surprises from this week’s episode of PLL “Hot Water.”

Ezra is back – Our favorite on screen couple is back together! And after much anticipation we quickly find out that Ezra has no intentions of dumping Aria and Aria has not intentions of telling Ezra about her kiss with Wes. Hmm wonder how that will blow over.

Wilden makes the rounds- Now that all the girls assume and want to prove that Wilden did in fact have an affair with Ali, got her pregnant, and killed her, Wilden is starting to take matters into his own hands. First he scares Cici into skipping town and then he tries to scare Hanna’s mom into getting Hanna to stop trying to investigate this situation. This plan backfires of course because Wilden scares Hanna’s mom so much that she runs him over and when she goes back with Hanna to find the body, it’s gone! Oh where, oh where can Officer Wilden be.

Cici’s info- When Emily goes and checks in on Cici she discovers that Cici is leaving Rosewood thanks to Wilden but before she goes she leaves Hanna with this info. The photo that Emily had of Wilden, Ali, and Cici was taken by Melissa Hastings. Cici also saw Ali the night of her murder as Melissa wanted videos from Ali and Cici went to talk to Ali to get those videos. Looks like there’s more to the NAT club then we thought.

Ezra’s mom wants a truce- Ezra’s mom comes to town in this week’s episode in order to thank Aria for all that she has done for Ezra (weird) and to (what seems like) ask Ezra to be a part of his son’s life. But once she is denied access to Ezra’s son, Ezra’s mom decides to sell Maggie’s condo (which she owns) leaving Maggie homeless and running into the open arms of Ezra. And this folks is how things in Rosewood just became a bit more complicated.

Toby tries and kills Spencer- After Spencer comes back from a date with Wren (can I get a “whoot whoot!”) she goes to relax in her sauna. This then causes what we assume is Toby to lock Spencer in her sauna and write on her mirror steamy with “Wren steamy with me.” Luckily, Aria came to visit at this exact moment and freed Spencer before she suffocated to death. Looks like the green eyes monsters has hit Toby hard.

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