What if the disney villains won?

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The Little Mermaid

Do you ever wonder what might have happened if Ursula married the prince? or if Cruella De Ville got her hands on the fur of those 101 dalmations?

TheArtOfImagination digital animations’s give us an idea of the possible alternative outcomes of classic disney tales – if the villains succeeded with their schemes. These are seriously awesome. I think someone needs to start writing alternative stories where the villains come out on top  because, what can I say? Happily ever afters are predictable. It’s an interesting concept, this whole idea of good not triumphing over evil. Of course we dont want to ruin these tales for the younger generation who would probably be scarred for life if Cinderella remained sentenced to be a slave for her step-mother and step-sisters for the rest of her life, or if the Dalmations never escaped Cruelle De Ville.

Interesting enough, Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers original tales were significantly darker then their disney adaptations, and recent movie adaptations of these tales like Snow White and the Huntsmen and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters are also darker their their family friendly counter parts. Seems like it’s the age for dark spins on the “happily ever after” concept. What do you think of darker fairy tales?

See the images of what would’ve happened if the disney villains won below 


101 Dalmations

Sleeping Beauty 

Beauty and the Beast

Snow White


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