This mornings cutest animal video’s feature frolicking, harlem shaking, and romance

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This morning ANDPOP is bringing you all the cutest animal video’s released over the past few days. Prepare to “awww” and “that’s so cute” at horses, cats, and even frogs. What is it about animal video’s that have us constantly amused? I’m not sure. It is a question that will go down in internet history.


The Frolicking Horse

I feel like Glee’s Kurt and Blaine’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” should be playing in the background as this horse frolic’s in the snow. By “frolic” we mean this horse is rolling around in the snow. If this were a person, we would think they were crazy, but because it’s an animal, we consider this very cute.

The Harlem Shaking cats

I have no idea why this is still a thing…but behold cats doing the harlem shake. You win this time harlem shake, everyone loves cute cat videos.

The Romantic Sloth

Prepare to swoon Kristen Bell. This is the cutest sloth you will ever see, because he’s good with the ladies. Sloth, will you be my valentines day next year?

The Squeaking Frog

This frog has the squeakiest mating call. Once again, just one of those things that are amusing because it’s an animal video.

The Motherly Dog

Jess the dog gives a whole new meaning to mothering someone as if they were your own. Watch Jess mother a baby lamb.

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