The Saturdays’ Vanessa White Talks About the Brit Girl Group’s American Dream

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The Saturdays' Vanessa White Talks About the Brit Girl Group's American Dream

After having already dominated the U.K. pop music scene, British girl group The Saturdays have decided to try their luck at making it big in North America.

To help them make their mark on Hollywood with their own E! reality show, Chasing The Saturdays, which document their life as they record their fourth studio album in America. The girls have also recently released their latest single, “What About Us,” featuring Grammy-award winning artist, Sean Paul.

ANDPOP caught up with The Saturdays’ Vanessa White to talk about the show, charities, and life on the road.

The Saturdays’ American Dreams

According to White, it was just a matter of perfect timing before the band tried to release music in the US.  “It’s definitely something we wanted to do straight away since the beginning but it was finding the time to actually go and do it,” she said.  White adds that the band wanted to make sure they were well established in the UK before releasing music anywhere else. Now just seemed like the perfect time to move to the U.S.

Girl Groups in the U.S. VS. the U.K.

White says she has no idea why girl groups seem to be bigger in the U.K. than in North America.

“I feel like all of a sudden there’s this whole British feel that everyone’s loving [in North America] but there has been no girl bands,” White says.  “I guess that’s one of our reasons for going over there because we feel like there should be!”

On having cameras on them 24/7 for Chasing The Saturdays

White says the band wanted to make the show as authentic as possible. “It’s definitely something we were nervous about but we felt like if we were going to do a reality show we had to give them everything,” White says. “There’s a lot of personal stuff in there as well and we just wanted it to be relatable to young girls.”

Sisterly Love

Even though the band was put together separately through auditions, they hit it off straight away and had great chemistry, says White. “We are completely different five girls and it’s really weird that all of us really do get on but we’re just like sisters,” she White. “When you watch the show there’s no hiding that.”

Charity Work

White had just finished a photo shoot for U.K. charity Comic Relief before getting on the phone with us all the way from London.  “[Charity] is really, really important and whenever we can, we always get involved because we’re really lucky and privileged to be in the position we are,” she said.

Watch Chasing The Saturdays every Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!

Watch the video for The Saturdays’ “What About Us (feat. Sean Paul)” BELOW:


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  • Daniel Sillitto

    I totally agree. Letterman was such a prick. I guess he forgot that without the viewers there wouldn’t have been a show. Shows are paid by advertisers and advertisers don’t invest in shows which no one watches. A little bit more respect and gratitude please for choosing to watch this 9 years when I could have just watch any other show.

  • cesue

    Well Letterman is a jerk period. Clearly he never watched the show. As for the actors defending the ending, of course they are. They want to work again and won’t publicly say so soon after the end that they disagreed with the outcome even if they did–there are afterall also DVD/Blu-Ray sales of the last season to contend with. The reality is that this ending was rushed and ultimately as much as they are selling it as ‘innovative’ basically just became a “Friends” rehash the second that they made Ted the pathetic, love-struck loser (Ross), Robin the self-centered, princess, obsessed with her career (Rachel), and Barney (the guy who tries with one girl to really commit, fails, so is therefore destined to be a hopeless player). It wasn’t ‘new’ its was rehashed garbage and that was upsetting. I had no problems really with them killing off the mother–it is sad that we got like 5 minutes of relationship after 9 years, but alas the death was fine. The issue is that Ted went back to Robin like the lovesick, pathetic loser that he always was. Perhaps in the early conception of the show it was understandable why Robin was such an it girl, but in the same manner that one didn’t quite understand what was so endearing about Rachel and why two friends would risk their friendship for the show-proclaimed ‘it girl’, there was nothing about Robin that ultimately screamed out yeah I can see why two best friends would be passing this girl back in forth between one another for the better part of a decade.