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Rihanna’s “River Island” premieres at London Fashion Week

Posted on February 19, 2013 by

Rihanna debuted her River Island collection last month during London Fashion Week – and it was a train wreck.

The Daily Beast called the line “tiresome, underwhelming and uninspired marketing exercise” and Huffington Post Canada called it a “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen” Oh Riri…what are we going to do with you.

Conversely, in the issue with the star in question on the cover, ELLE  reported said “My perception of her style was squarely rooted in the raunchy stage wear and street style that are synonymous with her image, (but) aside from a nod to street style in the denim section, the collection is an ode to all things high fashion.”

…I’m sorry. What? Are we looking at the same line? The line that has been eloquently described as “porny?’

To each their own. We are all allowed to have an opinion – and mine is that Rihanna is a tad in over her head. The girl makes catchy music, but she stay away from things as huge in the fashion industry as the London Fashion Week where the big girls play. Maybe stay in the sandbox a little longer and try again – but with more fabric next time.

Calling it a clothing line is generous considering there is not a lot of clothing involved. In my opinion, artist lines are going to appeal to their fans – shouldn’t the line feature clothing that can be worn by said fans? Celebrity lines can be fun with great summer dresses and funky shoes that, while pricey, can be worn to events by all of our favourite celebs. No celebrity is going to wear mesh to an event – or none that I follow and respect. I conclude that Rihanna needs to go back to the drawing board and think of some unique and spunky designs that will flatter rather than expose.

The line is full of see through clothing that includes mesh – nipple bearing mesh. That is definitely what I am wearing my next night out on the town…not. The Huffington Post reported that Rihanna herself was an hour late for her 9 minute fashion show. Fashionably late, or just disrespectful, it’s up to you to decide. Would you wear anything from Rihanna’s clothing line?

See photo’s of Rihanna’s clothing line below 

And here's how the clothes looked on the runway with extremely bad lighting.

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