15 Best Nigel Thornberry face swaps

Posted on February 19, 2013 by

I don’t even know. There is something hysterical about Nigel Thornberry’s face – here in the ANDPOP office we refer to his face as ‘derpy.” Are there any better words to describe him? This Nigel Thornberry face swap thing has been a constant on tumblr and has become a meme in it’s own right. We have no idea why it is so amusing. When and how did this even become a thing – I ask the same questions about the Harlem Shake. All we know is this meme is ridiculous, and we love it.

See our top 15 Nigel Thornberry face swaps below 

1) Lilo & Stitch 

2) Honey Boo Boo 

3) The Wizard of Oz

4) The Avengers

5) The Lord of the Rings 

6) Single Ladies  

7) Glee 

8) Harry Potter

9) Community 

10) Tangled 

12) Cat

13) The Little Mermaid 

14) The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

15) The Little Mermaid 









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