10 Reasons why we are excited for Justin Timberlake’s new album

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Justin Timberlake’s third solo album, “The 20/20 Experience,” will be released March 19th. No one is more excited than ANDPOP. If you think you are, I dare you to challenge us.

As you already know, here at ANDPOP, we all LOVE Justin Timberlake. His dancing, singing, his everything is just perfection. His music video’s are always so suave and fun to watch. After the Grammy’s, we were also proved that no one can work a crowd quite like JT. We have his track listing, and the album is already available through pre-order on itunes. Our bodies are not ready.

Here are our ten reasons why we cannot wait for “The 20/20 Experience.”

1) His hair no longer looks like ramen noodles



2) More music videos of him singing into a mic passionately

3) We already love Suit & Tie

4) We already love Mirrors

5) His life performance at the grammy’s have us really excited for the release of “Pusher Love Girl “

6) No more acting (at least for a little bit – he’s not bad but I miss his music too much)

7) He is the only person to bring sex back, take it away, then bring it back again


8) More music = more music videos = more swoon worthy dancing

9) There’s a song called “Let The Groove Get In” – we will have a song to dance embarrassingly too 

10) The album artwork looks amazing

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