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This column is the second of four installments hoping to inspire fandoms everywhere to wear what they love with pride (read the first here). Because why should you limit your fan experience to your home or the latest con? The answer: THERE ARE NONE.

But just in case you’re unsure on how to break out of the hoodie-jeans-tee combo, I’m going to show you a couple of ways to incorporate some of your favourite fandom-related items into every day life.

This week is all about the accessories because hey, sometimes it can be all about the details.

While most people refrain from it, it’s actually incredibly easy to incorporate fandom-related accessories into your wardrobe. Like anything in fashion, all it takes is confidence.

I find that the best accessories are always understated. That way you’re just slyly referring to your likes and interests, and it becomes a little inside joke between you and those who share those interests.

fandom accessories

girlgonegeek’s Jamila

Take a simple bowtie for example. Wait, what? Girls can’t wear bowties? Blasphemy. Go and look at the wonderfully dressed women at any good menswear show because those ladies know how to work a bowtie. And like the Doctor say, “Bowties are cool.”

If you are a Doctor Who fan, I would typically suggest sticking to a red bow tie. It’s what the Doctor wears and it’s not a hard look to steal. If you are looking to get a little cheeky, Gallifreyan bowties do exist, they’re just a little harder to find.

Jewelry is always a nice touch, especially when they’re small and simple. Take these The One Ring earrings for example. They look like any other gold earrings except they have the Mordor inscription on them. Dope.

Remember when the Mockingjay wasn’t plastered on movie posters? Despite its popularity, sticking a Mockingjay pin on your backpack or shirt is a sly nod to the fandom as it’s small and still looks pretty need.

Want to get into the nail art trend but don’t have the steady hand for it? Try some some nail stickers! They’re really easy to put on and last quite a while. Here’s a trick: make sure to paint on a bit of topcoat over the decal. The design will last even longer.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some high fives from complete strangers on your way to class.

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