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“What becomes of a broken heart” find out on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars

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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “What becomes of a Broken Heart,” was an episode full of emotions — and not just from me.

This week, each character had to go through some emotional dilemma, dilemmas such as Wes kissing Aria and Spencer going completely insane.

But just in case you missed it, here are five emotional dilemmas you should catch up on:

Pretty Little Liars Broken Heated CalebPretty Little Liars Broken Hearted

Caleb’s Uncle is his dad- After Hanna tracks down Caleb’s uncle, she questions him about being Caleb’s dad and as it turns out—drum roll, please— Caleb’s uncle is really his dad! After some heavy convincing done by Hanna, Caleb goes and meets him and, aw, it looks like Rosewood will soon be getting one more big happy family.

Jason is on a mission and his target is Wilden- When Emily goes and sees Jason to try and smooth over Spencer’s accusation of Ali being pregnant with Wilden’s child, we find out that Jason has done some investigating of his own. Looks like he may also suspect Wilden doing the no pants dance with Ali.

Pretty Little Liars Spencer Broken Hearted

Wren is back- Wren is back and he has come to check up on Spencer! With Spencer being one stop away from pyscho town, Wren comes in and tries to save the day. But unfortunately he couldn’t see past Spencer’s plan to get to her competition and attack Mona. Poor Spence! She really needs to get a grip.

Pretty Little Liars Broken Hearted

Wilden Knew Cici and Ali- After Jason and Emily decided to go through Jason’s dad’s pictures to see if there is any sign that Ali knew Wilden, we find out that Wilden knew both CiCi and Ali. The funny thing is when Emily had asked Cici earlier if she knew him she denied it. Hmm… Wonder what Cici knows and is not telling us.

Pretty Little Liars Jason Broken-Hearted

Jason is missing- As Jason and Emily were leaving Jason’s dad’s office, whom I assume was A tried to trap Jason and Emily in the elevator. Luckily, Emily escaped but Jason was left trapped as the elevator plummeted to the floor. Don’t worry folks Jason survived the accident but went missing while at the hospital. Where is Jason? I don’t know but hopefully we will find out in next week’s installment.

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