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Tumblr Tuesday: Valentine’s Day edition

Posted on February 12, 2013 by

Like, leave me alone please

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, especially those who much rather enjoy the single life. Some reasons why one is single is: they can’t date their favourite celebrity, they can’t date the internet, or they can’t date themselves. The media basically showered us all with high expectations that are almost impossible to meet. If you believe all of that, plus what you’ve seen in Disney films, good luck finding the special one. [heavens-1n-your-eyes]

Celeb-inspired Valentine’s card

Remember when you were little and Valentine’s Day was a huge deal because of all the fun classroom activities that were to come? You’d go to the store with your parents and pick up a box of cards of your choice —  most likely relating to your favourite TV show or a bunch of cute animals. Throw all of that aside and give this Snoop Lion card to the boy of your dreams. [bunnyyears]

Bieber > Everyone else

Not only does he write and sing songs that make you wanna melt, Justin Bieber always gives his Beliebers the attention they deserve, especially when it comes to replying to them on Twitter. Justin even serenaded us all with a sexy Valentine’s Day message during his Saturday Night Live gig this week. All I can say is look at this YOLO moment one fan wrote, and the best part is that he agreed! [last-bye]

Make your mouth water

One of my favourite things to eat (and I’m being totally serious) is Nutella. But what would make a Nutella sandwich even better? Strawberries of course! Not fully covered but it’s kinda like Hannah Montana where you get the best of both worlds. [ohsweetbasil]

Play your way out of a text

Chances are: You once had a creepy guy send you a message like this, which then made you wanna gag a little and then not even recall giving him your number. Whatever you do, get out of it and quick. [makemestfu]

Spice up your wardrobe 

Who really cares about lingerie when you can go on a spring shopping spree and buy cute skinny jeans and casual shirts to flaunt during the month of February? I know it might be a little cold but once in a while you can bare through it and look super cute! [yourfashioninspiration]

Or just walk around wearing this

I mean if you’re THAT desperate for a Valentine, wear this sweater in a public place (ie. at school, the mall) and see what options come up to you. Hopefully it’s not the same creepy dude who was sending you that late night, unwanted text! [instagram-lovely]

What the day is actually called

For all you single people out there, Feb. 14 is just another day alone. But don’t put yourself down too harshly. Buy yourself a box of chocolate and continuously eat them until you don’t feel lonely anymore. [ladieslaughing]

Settle in for the night

Curl up on your couch and watch a movie because what else could be better? You could get all hopeless-romantic and turn on The Notebook or go the other direction and watch a hilarious comedy. [attributive]

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