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Who’s the biggest diva on Glee?

Posted on February 8, 2013 by

It’s a battle of the bitches as the glee kids square off for Diva week and Rachel and Kurt go head to head in New York.

 Here’s what you need to know from last night’s episode, “Diva”:

Diva Week – Regionals are around the corner and Finn wanted to light a fire under the glee kids. He decided an in-club diva off was just the solution. All the girls were excited, and while most of the boys sat this one out, Blaine and Unique held their own. Who says guys can’t be divas?

Midnight Madness – Rachel’s recent successes were beginning to go to her head. Kurt couldn’t handle her crazy antics any longer so he decided to challenge her at Midnight Madness AKA NYADA’s fight club. Both belted out “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis and although Rachel was good, Kurt was better. I’m happy that Kurt finally got his diva moment; after all, he should’ve gotten it years ago for “Defying Gravity.”

The original diva – Santana returned to McKinley as the club’s “guest diva”, and made it clear that she was not a fan of Bram (Brittany + Sam, for those of you who are totally out of the loop). After she admitted she dropped out of college and turned down a job as Sue’s successor, she finally decided to head to New York where she belonged. Oh, and did I mention she’s moved in with Kurt and Rachel? There’s a diva-off I can’t wait to see!

Tina Cohen Who?Tina was left feeling rejected after she poured her heart into taking care of a sick Blaine, whose only response when she professed her love was a soft, cough-syrup induced snore. She took that rejection and channeled it into her performance, which ended up winning the entire diva-off. I love that Tina finally got the appreciation she deserves. When you give her a chance, this girl can really sing!

Here comes the bride – Emma was ecstatic that Will is returning next week and threw herself into making every last detail of their wedding perfect. She was also there to comfort Finn, who wasn’t so sure he would be needed once Mr. Schou gets back. He confused her reassurance for affection and kissed Emma while she was having a pre-wedding panic attack. WOW.  I definitely did not see that coming.  These nuptials are going to be veeeery interesting.

Best Performance: Tina’s cover of Madonna’s “Hung Up.”  Textbook diva performance, right down to the bedazzled bodysuit.

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