Smash, smash and smash some more!

Posted on February 7, 2013 by

Congratulations Kai, you’ve been inducted into the autotune hall of fame.

Don’t worry he’s not climbing into your windows at night or snatching your people up. This heroic hitchhiker shares some words of wisdom,in autotune of course, as he calls all of us “worthwhile” and “lovable.” We can all rest easy knowing that Kai is patrolling the streets ready to hand out a good “SMASH” or two

You can thank The Gregory Brothers, also known as schmoyoho in the YouTube world, for this musical gem.

Let’s give our favourite hitchhiker a medal and a recording deal? Hey I found it catchy.

Previously, The Gregory Brothers have done auto-tune versions of: Why, why MantiFinal debate songified and Oh my dayum.

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