14-year-old deactivates Facebook for five months to get $200

Posted on February 7, 2013 by

As far as deals go, I’d say $200 is a pretty low price to pay for someone deactivating their Facebook account for five months — even if you’re 14-years old.

Boston’s Rachel Baier signed a “Facebook Deactivation Agreement” with her father. The contract states if she remains off the Facebook grid from Feb. 4 to June 26 3013 then her dad will pay her $200. If she lasts until April 15, she’ll still get $50. She even gave her dad the password to her account so he could change the password and deactivate it.

Her dad, Paul Baier, posted the photo on his blog Practical Sustainability.

There’s a bit of disagreement in the ANDPOP office over whether $200 would be worth the five month hiatus. Would you do it?

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