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Saying goodbye to Alison again on Pretty Little Liars

Posted on February 6, 2013 by

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars “Saying Goodbye to Alison Again” left me with many questions and not enough answers. I’m super anxious for next week.

A plays with Emily’s head- At the beginning of this week’s episode, Emily found a postcard that was supposed to be buried with Ali. On the back of the postcard there was a nice little message written by A in French to  Emily. We later find out that the message in English translates to “stop digging the police already know it’s you who is capable of murder- A.” This causes Emily to believe that she was the one who killed Ali. Even after a quick visit to Dr. Sullivan’s office (whoot whoot glad to see she’s back) she confuses a flashback of Ali’s death with a flashback of her in the cemetery while Ali’s grave is being dug up. She then realizes that there was a girl in a red jacket that night and that this girl is the A teams leader and needs to be stopped. I’m so looking forward to seeing how they plan on making that happen.

Caleb found his dad- so after Caleb learns that his childhood home is being torn down Hanna convinces Caleb to go see it one last time. Once Caleb and Hanna get to his old home Hanna meets Caleb’s uncle (his dads brother). But even so both Hanna and I have a feeling Caleb’s uncle is really his dad. Boy Rosewood really does know how to bring on the family drama.

Ezra’s little brother is back- Looks like teacher student relationships run in the family because in this week’s episode we learn that Ezra’s little brother is staying at Ezra’s apartment while he is away not because Ezra told him he could but because he’s trying to runaway from his family. What’s causing him to run away from his family? Well maybe it’s the fact that he tried to get kicked out of prep school by trying to sleep with his physics teacher. Oh the irony in this one.

Wilden might be Ali’s baby daddy – So we all know how creepy Wilden can be but is he really capable of having an affair with Ali and getting her pregnant? This is what the girls think so only time can tell.

We found a room to go with Toby’s key- After Spencer hires a Private Investigator to track down what room is unlocked by Toby’s key we find out it leads to some empty room in some sketchy apartment building. Hmm talk about a dead end… could it possibly be another hideout for the A team? Something tells me we aren’t done with this mystery.

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