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Best TV shows to satiate your fashion palette

Posted on February 6, 2013 by

Now that Gossip Girl is over, are you wondering where you’ll get your weekly T.V. fashion fix? The end of Gossip Girl has left a big fashion hole in the land of television so we’ll be going through a couple of options for you to try. Some of these shows might fill the void, but only time will tell.

The Carrie Diaries

This is the most likely successor to fill the space Gossip Girl has left on our T.V. schedules. Probably because Gossip Girl was the show that succeeded the fashionable and iconic Sex and the City. So with The Carrie Diaries being a prequel to SATC, this new show has all the elements of being your new T.V. fashion fix. As viewers we’ll get to witness the young Carrie Bradshaw (played by the excellent AnnaSophia Robb) discover her voice and love of fashion and we’ll get to see how she became the style icon that we know and love (i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker).

Pros: Fun 80s fashion and a glimpse of a wilder, funkier, and grittier New York City that is long gone. Plus Carrie Bradshaw is back in our lives!

Cons: NYC = fashion and the city was a character in itself for SATC and Gossip Girl but The Carrie Diaries only partially takes place in NYC. Plus being stuck in the 80s means less chances for modern and fashion forward moments.


The Beverly Hills 90210 reboot has somewhat lived in the shadows of Gossip Girl. The original 90210 was a major fashion fix in the 90s, making the Californian ZIP Code the most fashionably coveted place to live during its early run on television. The show put sunny Hollywood Californian style on the map but in the fashion world the West Coast is not actually the Best Coast. NYC is couture while L.A. is Hollywood glam. The new 90210 has all the elements of taking the fashion reigns from Gossip Girl but those are quite big shoes to fill and the window for viewers to get on board on already established show is small (you’re going to have to play a lot of catch-up).

Pros: Its young, beautiful, and stylish cast. Plus the show’s a fashion fix legacy (never forget the amazing shoulder pads of Brenda, Kelly, and Donna).

Cons: The shadow from Gossip Girl still looms, while The O.C. set the standard high for young Californian style in the new Millennium.


Four women finding themselves and discovering love in the Big Apple is a popular T.V. formula, which is obviously why the show has gotten a lot of comparisons to SATC. Although the show takes place in the same city and is centred around the trials and tribulations of a writer, the characters live in a different borough. Manhattan is high fashion while Brooklyn is hipster trendy. Girls might not showcase the same type of style but there is still a lot of fashion to appreciate on the show. So instead of leaving you craving Manolo Blahniks, the show will leave you hitting up the nearest vintage clothing store.

Pros: There’s sex and a different part of the city. Plus fashion that you can actually afford.
Cons: Fashion is fantasy and this show might be too real. Plus it’s hard not to roll your eyes at hipsters.

Pretty Little Liars

Four young women finding themselves and discovering that there’s some omnipresent entity harassing them through social media is a popular T.V. formula (think Gossip Girl with more sinister motives). The show doesn’t take place in a big city, but the four main characters do know how to dress and accessorize well. You’d think being harassed by some social media savvy psycho would put a kilter on your sanity and ultimately your wardrobe but that’s not the case here.

Pros: The fashions are stylish yet approachable. Plus, just like Gossip Girl, this show loves a cliffhanger.

Cons: The reveal of who Gossip Girl is was a major letdown, leaving no real high hope for PLL’s big reveal. Plus no city (no NYC. L.A., or even Chicago).

New Girl & The Mindy Project

I’m putting these two shows together because they both share a very stylish and funny lead. Both New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel and The Mindy Project‘s Mindy Kaling have enviable wardrobes. Deschanel has the market cornered on the cute, quirky and adorkable style, and it’s hard not to disassociate the character Jess from Deschanel’s personal style. And we’ll always remember Kaling for adding a much needed dose of fashion onto The Office, but now her style gets to be front and centre on her own show.

Pros: Kaling contrasts scrubs with high style. Plus New Girl‘s Schmidt (Max Greenberg) hilariously takes his clothes very seriously.

Cons: Not every character on both shows are as style-conscious as the female leads. Plus The Mindy Project is clearly filmed in L.A. and not N.Y.C. (fake NYC is never good).

Fresh Meat

This hit British import is no Downton Abbey, but that’s a good thing. There’s no high fashion here but you’ll get a taste of funky British street fashion. Each character has a distinctively different personality and with a distinct sense of style to match. Not every character will be considered a style icon, but since the show takes place on a U.K. university campus there are many stylish extras to spot and it’s fun to people watch. Plus this show has been helping me fill the void left by Skins.

Pros: Europeans tend to be ahead of fashion trends than North Americans so it’s a good place to trend watch. Plus British accents are always great.

Cons: The show takes place in Manchester which is no London. Plus you’ll probably won’t find this on a regular television channel in North America (hard to become a big hit when you’re not on basic cable).

Mad Men

Give this show snaps for reviving our love affair with 1960s fashion and initiating the Mad Men style fashion trend. Men and women envy the dapper gentlemen and the stylized ladies of the show. Apart from the lack of civil rights for women, people of colour, and LGBT peoples (and maybe for the lack of modern conveniences like the internet and cellphones) many of us would gladly take a time machine back to the 1960s  to live in an era where people were conscious of style and fit of clothes.

Pros: It’s like a documentary on the evolution of 1960s fashion. Plus we get to see an era of NYC that’s almost unrecognizable today.

Cons: Being a period drama the fashions have all been seen before. Plus it’s initial impact on the fashion world has already passed.

Reality TV

Shows like these (Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, The Rachel Zoe Project, It’s A Brad Brad World) are great because they can give you an inside look into the fashion industry and show the best in modern fashion. Plus there are so many reality T.V. shows for you to choose from about the fashion industry or about people who are really rich (Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, etc.) who can afford designer fashions. So whatever your mood there’s probably something out there for you to watch.

Pros: You can learn all about the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Plus there’s so much realty T.V. variety.

Cons: Reality T.V. isn’t always real. Plus rich people don’t necessarily equal stylish and high fashion.

Let us know if we left any show out or tell us which one of these shows has the most fashion potential.

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