Guy tries to find roommate with YouTube song

Posted on February 6, 2013 by

It’s hard to find a new roommate. We’ve all been there. Someone’s going on exchange, moving home, or just decides they don’t want to live with you anymore.  Most of us head to Facebook or Craigslist and put up a short ad explaining why we’re awesome, then cross out fingers and hope whoever responds is not a serial killer/rapist/owner of a strange smelling pet.

Jonathan Mann had the same idea, but took it up a notch. He decided that the best way to show how truly spectacular he and his apartment are was through his channel on YouTube (he writes a song a day – this is #1492). The song explains anything you would want to know about the living space, and while he may not be a great dancer, he seems like he would be a pretty funny roommate. Although I’m not 100 per cent sure if the ad will attract more or less weirdos than any other medium.

Mann is writing a song everyday — previously he even announced his break up via YouTube. 

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