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YouTube’s Closed Captions Can’t Understand Phineas & Ferb’s Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s Accent

Posted on February 5, 2013 by

There are a few important life lessons that I have stuck to throughout the majority of my life. A couple of them are:

  1. Stay away from yellow snow
  2. There’s only so much milk can do for you height-wise. While milk will help make your bones strong, blame your lack of height on genetics. And,
  3. You are never too old for cartoons

Unlike the first two rules, the third is one that anyone can enjoy and it’s really fun to tell people you spent a whole summer watching Arthur with your 18-year-old brother.

One of my personal favourites (asides from Arthur) is Phineas & Ferb where they invent some crazy things during their summer vacation. Hilarity ensues as their sister tries to bust them and their pet platypus is actually a secret agent with an archenemy named Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

While most of the adult-friendly gags come from the doc, it’s kind of perfect to see  him get his own YouTube channel (which may or may not be by Disney) where he comments on pop culture (last week: bacon & Honey Boo Boo Child). While the Doof is hilarious all on his own, too bad YouTube’s closed captioning can’t exactly pick up on his accent.

Here’s the latest installment of his show, Doof Daily, and remember to hit that CC button:

Thanks, cartoons for making us laugh, even if it wasn’t intentional!

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