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The Carrie Diaries Recap: Things you missed on “Fright Night”

Posted on February 5, 2013 by

It was Halloween yesterday on The Carrie Diaries. The episode centered around the goings-on of three halloween parties; the first being in New York, the second being Sebastian’s, and the third being Carrie’s house. Carrie brings Walt with her to the city causing her to play nanny for Larissa, leaving Walt in an uncomfortable situation with a particularly cute guy. Back home, Mouse and Maggie decide to got to Sebastian’s party to “make sure they can tell Carrie what happened.” The moral of this episode seems to be that while being free and independent seems exciting, it’s not, and  you’re better off having a support system. Here are the highlights of last night’s episode.

1) Carrie and Sebastian avoid one another

After the events of the last episode, Carrie doesn’t really want to see Sebastian because of the obvious awkwardness. Carrie doesn’t want to see him, or speak to him, after having her heart broken.

2) Larissa’s party 

Carrie and Walt hop on a train to go out to a Halloween party Larissa invited them too. As we all know, with Larissa comes shenanigans. She gets so hyped up on drugs; ecstacy (which was apparently legal then) and LSD. Of course she washed that all down with champagne. With no one else to care for Larissa, Carrie found herself looking after Larissa like how she looks after her friends back home. This is the most vulnerable we see Larissa. Her monologue explaining how freedom and being fabulous is just as exhausting as having rules to abide by. It was quite a turning point in the episode, and for Carrie.

3) Sebastian’s party 

Drugs, booze, and forbidden friendships, oh my. Mouse gets dragged by Maggie to Sebastian’s party against her wishes. She badly wants to hate Sebastian, as she keeps telling herself what an awful person he is. Cut to Mouse recognizing that Sebastian is actually a good guy and the two having an adorable heart to heart about parents and life. Is this hinting at a Mouse/Sebastian romance? Interesting…

4) Party at the Bradshaw’s

Dorit is home for halloween after her father interrupts her plans to vanadalize a house with toilet paper. She proves to be demon teenage daughter; too much make up, eating the candy, and not wanting anything to do with her father. By the end of the episode Dorit smartens up, and asks her father to hang out for a big – the scary movie she watched really spooked her. Not so tough Dorit? We all knew you were a softie. Cute father/daughter bonding ensued.

5) Dorit’s top
Normally Carrie’s outfits are the event, but Dorit looked ADORABLE in this skull sweater and I don’t like skulls. Well done Wardrobe. Good choice. Can I have this please?

360 Sweater Jacqueline Cashmere-blend Skull Sweater - No Longer Available.<br /><br /> Worn with: Gorjana Necklace.

6) Walt and Mouse both get high

After a whole episode about the pressures of sex, The Carrie Diaries takes on the subject of drugs. At their respective parties, Walt and Mouse get high, but with different results. Walt gets even more down on himself, and gets scared. Mouse on the other hand is less uptight, and looks like she is having the time of her life. In both situations, drug shows to be an escape and alter the personalities of the two friends. However, the experience makes Walt wonder who he truly is. His ongoing personality crisis this episode is just exhausting and emotionally draining. I just want to hug him…and Mouse. She is just so cute and innocent.

7) Walt gets a kiss

We were all waiting for this moment. For Walt to kiss someone, or be kissed by someone, causing him to come out, start a happy relationship, confide in Carrie, and for everything in his life to just be happy. The poor boy always looks so sad and lost! So, we got half of the wish. During a heart to heart with B- , he plants one on Walt causing him to freak out, run away, and call poor guy that three letter word that starts with F, that makes us cringe.

8) Carrie and Sebastian get closure

Finally, when Sebastian brings a stoned Mouse to her house, Carrie acknowledges that just because Sebastian hurt her it doesn’t mean he’s an awful guy. He proves himself to be caring, and a really good friend. Is this a step towards a friendship? Can they ever just be friends?

9) Walt and Maggie

Walt is just really taken aback by his feelings and torn about whether or not he’s gay, and what being gay would mean for  him. Under pressure to figure out who in fact he is, he buckles and runs to Maggie. This is really sad for both of them. Walt is lying to Maggie and himself. Both of them just want to love and be love. I think their story is the most tragic of all, it shows the vulnerability of teenagers, and the pressure that is on them to figure out who they are and to become adults.

10) Peplum

I love Carrie in peplum and in colour, so this outfit she wore during the ending montage was a highlight of last night’s episode. Coral looks exceptional on AnnaSophia Robb.

Edit:<br /><br /> Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Sarah Jane Peplum Top - $29.99 (on sale!)<br /><br /> Worn with: Alex Woo Necklace.

11) The Pony Tail

The Pony Tail and the profound narrative that comes with it is my favourite part of every episode. It gives me serious Sex And The City nostalgia, and the morals at the end of the episode are always heartwarming.

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