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Russell Brand wants Katherine McPhee to drop her husband

Posted on February 5, 2013 by

“You must never destroy a marriage unless you are really bored.”

It seems like now that Katy Perry is out of the picture, Russel Brand is pretty bored – and after Katherine McPhee.

On a recent trip to talk to Jimmy Fallon, Russell Brand intercepted a conversation between Katherine McPhee and Jimmy Fallon about the Super Bowl. McPhee, within the first 30 seconds on set, created quite an impression on Russel Brand who continued to tell her how attractive she was. There’s just one thing— she’s married. Only Russell Brand can get away with this stuff.

McPhee told a story about how the Jets invited her to a game, but being a 49er’s fan she snuck onto their side. After finding out McPhee’s attachments, Brand implied that she could drop her husband as quickly as she dropped the Jets.

I’d say Brand went too far, but what’s “too far” in his books? He never fails to outdo himself. He has a way of making these things funny more than rude or scandalous. That British accent and charming smile ensures he always gets away with borderline rude comments. Lets hope McPhee’s husband, producer Nick Cokas, never meets Russell Brand.

What do you think — was Brand having harmless fun, or was he rude?

Watch Russel Brand meeting Katherine Mcphee here


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