17 things you regret wearing

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Remember back when we were all in elementary school and would go to school and feel so cool because we got a new jean jacket, or a slap bracelet, or new Pokemon cards to brag about? I think it’s time to sit back and think about all those things we wore that were actually pretty ridiculous. For example I don’t remember it ever been cold enough to wear fleece pants. I remember they came in different colours— and I think I had three blue pairs.

How about those Gap fleece sweaters that we all wanted but only the cool kids with money could afford? I think they were the TNA sweaters of the 90s come to think of it. Now, about the gaucho pants and tie cardigans… I am not sorry. They were cute and comfortable at that time, I SWEAR. My sister and I MAY have had matching gaucho pants. Just maybe.

In the 90s all we did was trade. We traded bracelets, cards, snacks, and I distinctly remember trading chokers and going home with a different one every day around my neck. I’ll take a classic Tiffany necklace over a choker any day, and I much prefer chiffon to fleece – but that’s just me.

See the 17 items you wore (and don’t deny it) below 

Gaucho Pants

Cropped Tie Cardigan


Army Print Clothes

Fleece Pants

Cropped Jacket 

Butterfly Clips

Slap Bracelet

Denim on Denim (The Canadian Suit)


Gap Fleece Sweater


Flared Jeans/ Jeans with floral patches


Platform Running Shoes

Bucket Hats

Toe Rings


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