Seth Mcfarlane spoofs “James Bond” in new promo during the Super Bowl

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

Seth Mcfarlane is our Oscar’s host this year on February 24. During last nights Super Bowl, he released a new promo for the awards show in which he parodied James Bond. Now, people take James Bond very seriously but I promise it was not offensive. Funny enough, Pierce Brosnan showed in the promo instead of Daniel Craig. Not complaining. Few people are as dapper as Brosnan. Oh Pierce Brosnan… Oh wait. The promo wasnt about Pierce Brosnans unfair good looks, it was about the Oscars. Right.

Mcfarlane released another promo beforehand where he parodied Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. What iconic movie do you think Seth Mcfarlane should parody in his next Oscar’s promo?

Watch the James Bond promo here

Watch the Psycho promo here

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