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Classified prank calls a fan

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

Before Classified was a successful Canadian rapper, he used to work in telemarketing for a carpet cleaning company. “I did it for like six months and no one did it for more than six months. By the end of six months I was a supervisor,” he said. In a new episode of Small Talk, host Simon Mohos got the Nova Scotian to prank call a fan, pretending he was selling those same carpets he sold years ago. It wasn’t until the fan hung up that he realized who he was talking to.

The rapper, whose self-titled album came out last January, also talked about getting an Instagram and smoking while working. His advice for stoners: “Get the work done first,” he says. “I do all that stuff in the morning. I don’t smoke before email and business and even writing. I don’t smoke and write lyrics. I smoke and make beats. For me I get up early, do all my shit that I gotta do and know needs be done that day. And then that’s usually done by noon, then I smoke make some beats and work with somebody or whatever.”

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