Celebs watch the Super Bowl

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

It seems like all celebrities were in on the festivities yesterday during the Super Bowl. They were tweeting, instagraming, and betting during the big game.

Neil Patrick Harris and hubby David Burtka made a bet on their kids – but they gamble responsibly of course.

The two placed bets with their children's lives at stake.

NPH also instagramed a picture with Two and Half Men’s John Cryer during the blackout.

They managed to have a little fun with Jon Cryer during the blackout.


It is also official the Glee cast is OBSESSED with Lady B.  They had nothing but great things to say about her performance.



…and then there is Lea Michele, who is forever skiing or tanning.  Can I have your life?


Some celeb’s were just intense about the game

…And some were just plain confused

In conclusion, the winner of the Super Bowl was Neil Patrick Harris



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