5 songs you have to hear from Glee’s “Diva:” Alicia Keys, Madonna, Queen & more

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This Thursday Glee goes “Diva,” when the students at McKinley duke it out to see who’s the biggest diva, and Kurt and Rachel in New York start fighting. We get to see a huge production number with “Diva” and get nostalgic about old school Hummelberry back when they hated eachother when the duet/ diva-off with “Bring Him Home.” This is definitely a very diverse episode when it comes to music. “Diva” is jam packed with pop, classic rock, broadway tunes, top 40, and more.

Take a listen to the best 5 songs below

Hung UpTina

Tina has been quite the diva lately, so I’m not surprised she has taken on Madonna. Jenna Ushkowitz is severyly underrated. Her voice is so great and she is a great performer.This may be my favourite Tina performance since “Bad Romance.”

Scene Prediction: She’s hung up on Blaine. Get in line Tina. We all are.

Girl On Fire Santana

Get ready Britana fans. Santana sings TWO songs, one of which she sings with Sam…some fighting over Britney I assume? Anyway, who else to do Alicia Keys but Naya Rivera? Always soulful, always perfect.

Scene Prediction: Santana regrets breaking up with Brittany and in true Glee fashion sings about her problems.

Don’t Stop Me NowBlaine

Darren Criss can literally sing anything. Beyonce, Katy Perry, and now the iconic Queen. Blaine has been having some issues between his break up and exceedingly confusing crush on Sam, so it makes sense Blaine is trying to get himself back in lin. We all know Blaine is a sassy woman who doesn’t need a man. For further proof go watch “Fighter” or “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.”

Scene prediction: In his performance to prove he is a “diva” Blaine gets some emotional closure.

Diva- Unique, Tina, Blaine, Kitty, Marly, Brittany 

Werk it Unique. New Direction Girls (plus Blaine) numbers are always great. The costumes are incredible, and we get to see Darren Criss in basically drag. It doesn’t get better than this. Thank you Glee. Your over the top numbers are always mind blowingly perfect. Personally, I vote Tina for best diva. She is totally owning herself this season and I love it. Jenna Ushkowitz is finally getting that stage time she deserves.

Bring Him Home – Kurt & Rachel 

We were told “Bring Him Home” is yet another Hummelberry diva-off. This is the best thing since “Defying Gravity” and “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” Two of the most unique voices on the show are battling it out with a show-tune  and I am in heaven. Wicked, Evita, and now Les Miserables. Glee sure knows how to pick epic songs for Hummelberry to duke it out with. I can’t wait for when we see them sing together, because for now we just have the individual solo versions.

Scene Prediction: Close up’s, tears, and just a lot of Hummelberry intensity

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