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13 reasons why we love Beyonce

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

We have some breaking news for you. Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl half time last night. I’m sure people bet houses on the specifics of the Super Bowl; who would win, by how many points, would Beyonce lip sync, and what would she wear. It’s true, and I won a bet. Beyonce did not lip sync. Any questions?

We all know Beyonce is the queen of everything, we bow down to her. It’s very difficult to pinpoint the many reasons why Lady B exudes perfection, but I have attempted to specify the reasons why we love this woman.

1)  She’s fierce. Sasha Fierce. 

2) She’s sexy. Where can we purchase those legs? 

3) She’s adorable

4) She has the most insane signature dance moves 


5) She always has her best game face on. Oh…that was puny. 

6) Twerk

7) Destiny Child 

Beyonce is my spirit animal and Destiny’s Child is my wolfpack. 

8) She’s flame resistant

9) She’s bootylicious 

10) She’s queen of the hair flip 

11) She loves us

12) She can do this and still look classy 

13) She can strut like no other 











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