Harry Styles Celebrates his 19th Birthday with Frozen Margaritas and a Stripper

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One Direction’s resident ladies’ man, Harry Styles, celebrated his 19th birthday on February 1st. The boy band member marked the momentous occasion with a night of drunken debauchery like any young man would (especially one whose pockets are oozing of cash).

According to the Huffington Post, Styles had two parties: one large affair on Thursday night and a smaller one on Friday.

The Friday night affair appears to have been the more rambunctious of the two as he and 39 of his closest pals (including bandmate Niall Horan) racked up a nearly £2000 (approximately $3143.80 USD) tab at the first bar they went visited. Their tab unbelievably included 99 frozen margaritas.

Styles received a birthday the surprise from his pals later that night at a different bar. According to the British tabloid rag The Mirror, Styles was presented with a 10-minute lap dance from a stripper dressed as a police officer. He politely tried to avert his eyes during the whole affair as she danced down to her skivvies.

““Harry was very embarrassed,” said the Mirror’s source. “He was really surprised when she turned up. When she pulled him into her chest he was bright red. But he chatted to her as she sat with him for a while afterwards.”

After the dance, Styles was nice enough to pose for pictures with the young lady. He also received a birthday cake which was quickly destroyed as the party ate the confection with their hands and throwing it each other.

While that sounds like a lot of fun, my only question is: where is Miley Cyrus? It sounds like her kind of shindig and she probably would’ve been the best wing-woman Styles could ever have.

Bonus photo of the day: Zach Braff’s Birthday Tweet for Harry Styles

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