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Second grade class corrects the spelling of athlete tweets

Posted on February 2, 2013 by

Twitter is a great way to follow your favourite celebs and athletes, but some of the things they tweet are a little bit careless.

Filled with misspellings, grammatical errors and often times, gibberish that nobody can understand, sometimes I wish there was an autocorrect tool I could use to immediately brush up those mistakes (Don’t blame me! I had to take a grammar exam in first year university!).

But upon seeing some photos of a group of second graders practicing their skills by correcting a bunch of embarrassing tweets by NFL players, I now know that I have faith in the future generation.

Thank God, for the world’s educators. Teaching, you’re doing it right.



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  • HeatherC1

    How stupid, watch the actual GAME for God’s sake!
    shouldn’t these kids be learning?