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How To Be Daniel Radcliffe 101

Posted on February 2, 2013 by

Despite being in one the most popular franchises of our generation, Daniel Radcliffe has continuously proved to us that he can stay relevant. From starring on Broadway to completely transforming into Allen Ginsberg to critical acclaim in Kill Your Darlings, the most important thing that makes DRad awesome and amazing is that he’s remained very true to himself.

In fact, he’s so grounded, that he’s even made a video for fans to show them how they can be JUST LIKE HIM.

But while he’s appreciative of his fans, it turns out that it takes a bit of effort to not let the fame get to his head. Hiring a man named Jake to keep him grounded, what ensues turns out to be a lot of jealousy on Dan’s part…

But to be fair, Dan HAS worked with greats such as Maggie Smith and Gary Oldman.  I think he can show off just a little bit…

Watch the video here:

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