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5 Best Dressed: Bold colours at SAG, Taylor is hot in Spain and more

Posted on January 30, 2013 by

Nina Dobrev

What she’s wearing: The Vampire Diaries star was a stunner in this hot pink Elie Saab gown at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Why we love it: It was so refreshing to see such a bright and bold colour on the red carpet, which is why Dobrev stood out from many of the other stars that night. This sleek gown shows off her killer figure and conveys elegance being a crewneck floor length dress. She cinches the waist with a matching pink leather belt  The cutouts keep the dress modern and interesting but doesn’t take away from the overall refined look that Dobrev is sporting.

I can’t even handle how good she looks in that dress!

Takeaway: The colour of your dress can be a very important choice to make– especially on the red carpet. Never box yourself in when it comes to colours as you would be limiting a lot of dress options for yourself. Just because you may not like a certain colour doesn’t mean that colour will look bad on you. In fact you might look stunning!

Cory Monteith


What he’s wearing: Monteith was very dapper in this light grey Calvin Klein tux at the 2013 SAG Awards, where he was nominated alongside his Glee cast-mates.

Why we love it: This was also another look that stood out on the red carpet for its bold colour choice. The light grey tux was hard to miss in a sea of black suits and was a welcome change of pace for men’s red carpet fashions. Not only was it in  a great colour but the black contrast lapels are on trend and gave the suit its wow factor. Plus there are a neat black piping detail alongside his trousers which helps elongates the already tall Canadian actor.

Unfortunately we didn’t see Cory do a dance in his Calvin Klein suit.

Takeaway: When looking for a suit always try to get it tailored so it fits your body like a glove. With Monteith already being a tall guy it’s important that his suits works well with his taller build and longer proportions. Same goes for guys on the shorter side. The cut and the fit of the suit need to be just right otherwise it would look very junior, as in a kid wearing a suit for the first time and feeling and looking uncomfortable in his growing and changing body.

Taylor Swift

What she’s wearing: Swift attended the 40 Principales Music Awards in Madrid, Spain wearing a white crystal-embroidered Kaufmanfranco shift dress.

Why we love it: Loving Swift’s style transformation from teenager to young woman. The singer has been recently getting a little sexier with her style choices and showing us the vixen she really is. The simplicity of the silhouette is stunning and its uber modern with its straight lines and deep rectangular cutout. The dress has some subtle pizzazz with its crystal embroidery.

Takeaway: Swift is going outside of her retro-vintage-ethereal box and is trying something more modern and sleek. It’s only natural for a young woman to try on more sexier outfits but going modern can also help show the world you’re growing up too. It takes some maturity to venture in the world of the modern/avant-garde fashions.

Dakota Fanning

What she’s wearing: Fanning was spotted at the premiere of her new movie ‘Very Good Girls’ at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Utah wearing a navy Miu Miu sleeveless knitted crop-top sweater and a embellished navy Louis Vuitton mini skirt.

Why we love it: It’s fun to see a different take on winter clothes. I’m sure the knitted sweater was warm but I wasn’t expecting something sleeveless and cropped, which was ultimately paired with a mini skirt. The Sundance Film Festival is known for its very cold winter ski resort location, so it was nice to have Fanning surprise us with her take on winter fashion. (Here‘s a more bundled up Dakota) Her opaque tights not only added warmth but added to the very dark and somber look the actress was going for (notice those dark lips?).

Takeaway: This is a nice look that mixes different textures and fabrics but keeps it in a uniform colour so that everything won’t clash. Monochromatic looks are on trend but change up and mix up the fabrics otherwise the look will get boring.

Alesha Dixon

What she’s wearing: The British singer/rapper and new ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge was snapped at the London auditions wearing a grey Markus Lupfer knit top and a silver Joseph leather pencil skirt.

Why we love it: Dixon is 50 shades of grey and is working the monochromatic trend but with a cool metallic silver twist. Lookout for metallic leather as it is looking to be one of the next big things on the horizon. Here Dixon pairs her bold yet simple skirt with a fun graphic statement knit top. Graphic statement tees and sweaters are on trend and will give any look a cool street-wear vibe.

Takeaway: Dixon’s top says ‘Chill’ which probably reflects her vibe as opposed to the chilly winter weather. But you have to remember and be cognizant of the message you’re wearing. It would be really messed up and ironic if Dixon was snapped lashing out at the paparazzi while wearing a top that said ‘Chill’. So be mindful of what your shirt says because others might hold you accountable to its message.

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