#Tumblr Tuesday: 5 artists we obsessed over in the 90s

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Destiny’s Child

Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce, I don’t think you can handle this? The fierce trio always sported matching outfits, and I secretly wanted to be the fourth member, even if that meant me being backup to Queen B (I totally wouldn’t care). The girls recently released a new song, with many fans rejoicing. Beyonce is set as a performer at the SuperBowl half-time show, causing lots of speculation whether the three of them will perform together then. Michelle Williams gave the disappointing news on a radio interview saying, “It is rumored.” Throwback to some of their best jams: “Say My Name,” “Bootylicious,” and “Survivor.”[beyhive1992]


Don’t tell me you never owned any of the the guy’s famous puppet dolls, replicated from their second studio album, “No Strings Attached.” If anyone else is waiting for some type of reunion to happen, let me know because I’ll actually do anything I can to make it happen. N*SYNC was actually my very first concert and Justin was my first crush (not Bieber). With Justin Timberlake now having his own musical comeback, the odds are slim that a reunion will happen anytime soon. Sigh… Throwback to some of their best jams: “Bye Bye Bye,” “Gone,” and “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” [nsyncishere]

Backstreet Boys

Chances are if you didn’t like N*SYNC, you were siding with Kevin, Nick, AJ, Brian and Howie. Crazy fact that may make you feel really old, this year will mark the 20th anniversary of BSB. If you don’t believe me, hit up their official website. There’s a countdown going on and everything. Do you think anyone’s gunna retire anytime soon? BTW: it was Nick Carter’s birthday yesterday. Make sure to send him some love. Throwback to some of their best jams: “I Want It That Way,” “Incomplete,” and “Larger Than Life.” [bsboys]

Britney Spears

Who could forget her smile on The Mickey Mouse Club? Britney has had many ups and downs in the limelight, from getting with K-Fed, shaving her head and driving with her baby in her lap, but her music never seemed to fail. I’m going to miss her variety of facial expressions on The X Factor, as she did not sign on for another season. Selling over 100 million albums worldwide, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call her the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. Throwback to some of her best jams: “Baby One More Time,” “Oops! I Did It Again,” and “Toxic.” [over-protected-life]

Christina Aguilera

She was known as the little girl with a powerful voice. Also having her start on The Mickey Mouse Club, there was always some tension between Christina and Britney. In 2006, Christina showed the raunchier side of herself, getting down and ‘Dirrty.’ Denying that fact that the drastic change was for publicity, Christina said it was simply reflecting her true personality. What do you prefer her as, a blonde or brunette? Throwback to some of her best jams: “Beautiful,” “Genie In A Bottle,” and “Dirrty.” [miss-aguilera]

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