5 amazing songs on Justin Bieber’s “Believe Acoustic”

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An acoustic album might seem like a cheap ploy for more money, but in all honesty when you remaster an uptempo song and make it acoustic it always sounds not only different, but better in general. It also shows an artist’s vocal talents when they don’t have a fast beat to fall back on.

Justin Bieber’s Believe Acoustic album, which was released today, includes the acoustic versions of the songs that were featured on his Believe album, as well as new tracks such as “Yellow Raincoat,” “I Would” and “Nothing Like Us.” It seems that Bieber was just as excited as we all were to have this album released.

The only person more excited than us and Biebs, seems to be…Mike Tyson? Yes. That Mike Tyson.

Okay, I’m not ashamed to say I enjoyed this album… Give a guy a guitar and have him sing and I’m sold. Three, two, swoon. Whether you agree or not,  “Believe Acoustic Deserves A Grammy” started trending worldwide — probably in retaliation for his recent snub.

5 songs off the album to listen too right now


“Take You” has a lot more feeling and a lot less repetition than your usual Bieber song. This track is slower and more stripped down than most of his songs, but is still fast enough to have a beat catchy enough to keep you up at night.


This was definitely the catchiest track off of Justin’s Believe album, so naturally the acoustic of this song is mind-blowing. The “3, 2 swag” that made me cringe makes me swoon now that it has been stripped down. I would dare to say that I enjoy this version more than the uptempo one. Now “Boyfriend” seems more of a serenade than the uptempo does. Also, I did NOT know Biebs has a falsetto…


This song was surely meant to be an acoustic song. It sounds so natural that you forget the song is not acoustic to begin with. The musical breaks of guitar strumming sounds so much more natural than the harsh beats that are the musical breaks for the original rendition. Like I said, this song was meant to be an acoustic song.


This song is a new release, and it is bound to make all the fangirls flail. It’s so sweet and heartfelt. All I have to say, is that after listening to this song, and not being a huge fan to begin with, I would. I so would.


I realize I am starting to sound like a broken record, but honestly, EVERYTHING SOUNDS BETTER ACOUSTIC…and without Nicki Minaj. I enjoy all the nifty guitar riffs and tricks throughout this song. Stripping all these songs down really make you realize that Biebs doesnt really need to hide behind all that autotune and loud beats, his vocals alone are enough to make his fan’s melt.

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