Dune Rats smoke a crazy amount of pot in less than 3 minutes

Posted on January 29, 2013 by

Replace the lyrics of the “Tra La La La Song” to “one bong, two bong, three bong four. All bongs make a hit and so do many more” and you’ve pretty much got the concept of Dune Rat’s new music video.

In the Pilerats-directed “Red Light Green Light” they smoke a heroic amount of pot from makeshift Gatorade bongs in less than three minutes. This is all much to the amusement of their friends who can’t stop laughing when the glazed-eyed guys sit back smugly and revel in all the bongs they went through.

Welcome to Australia right?

Previously they released the Toby Cregan-directed “Red Version” of the video, which involved them running around NYC’s Coney Island theme park. Later this year, they’re releasing a documentary called American Death Trip of Dreams.

Green Version

Red Version

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