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Celebrity Highlights from Vine, the Least Exciting Twitter App

Posted on January 29, 2013 by

If you haven’t heard, Twitter just released Vine, a new video sharing app with .gif like playback tendencies. It’s basically the video version of Instagram (before they decided to stop being frenemies with Twitter), but without the filters with more seizure inducing playback.

Vine has been pretty boring, even on the crazy celebrity end. Here are just some of the highlights so far:

Tyra Banks looking kind of crazy:

Enrique Iglesias caught Pit Bull throwing around one big ass bra:

Dick Van Dyke’s Cat likes to play with fake hair:

… and that’s pretty much it. Vine so far is just really, really boring and I’m starting to suspect that social media platform is paying celebs to use it.  If they are indeed paying celebs to tweet crappy videos of them twiddling their thumbs in an airport (ahem, Tommy Lee), I think their money would be better off in Tyra Banks’ pockets. You have to admit that Banks knows how to werk it, a.k.a. gurl knows how to look .gif-ably crazy.

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