“Who called” office parody

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One of television’s favourite pastimes is parodying office drama (see 30 Rock or The Office). In “Who Called,” Slacktory gives their own spin on the office satire. The satire is delivered through a secretary delivering all her messages in the  ” __  called and they want their ___ back,” format.

Slacktory also has great supercut videos including all “Dot Com” clips from 30 Rock, and a mass supercut of almost every “I can explain” that has been seen in movies including Mean Girls, Cars, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Toy Story.

My personal favourite “message,” is “Ray Romano called and he wants his voice back.” I also enjoyed the jab at “90’s Ben Affleck and Matt Damon,” and their “sexual tension.” If you didn’t understand the reference, go watch “Good Will Hunting.”

If only everyone took and delivered messages this way.

Watch the video here 

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