Top 10 boy band songs from the 80s and 90s

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With NKOTB, 98 degrees, and Boys II Men anouncing a spring tour this week, I thought it was only fitting to make a list of our fave boy band hits from the 90s. These guys helped pave the way for our beloved One Direction and the Wanted.

Warning, the following videos will cause uncontrollable singing and an irreversible condition of being unable to forget the songs for days.

10. B44 – Get Down

This Canadian boy band is probably the worst export we’ve ever had. Not only is this song terrible, so is the hair, and the fact it is the catchiest song ever. Everyone remembers this song, unfortunately, I’ve brought it back.

9. B2K – Uh huh

This track was one of the biggest hits this band ever had. Lil’ Fizz, J-Boog, Raz-B and Omarion, made up the four-piece boy band. Nothing has come out for them in years, but Omarion has signed with Maybach Music Group. MMG is Rick Ross’s music label empire, which also has Wale and Meek Mill. Like Rick Ross, this doesn’t sound the least bit gangsta, but that’s why it’s on the list.

8. The Moffats –  Misery

I think I was the only girl my age that didn’t have a crush on these guys. Regardless, the Moffats were big and all my friends went to their concerts. I have a confession: I actually kind of like this song. I may or may not have it on my iPod.

7. Boys II men – End of the Road

Oh, Boys II Men, how I love you. I still listen to their albums all the time, and I don’t care who hears! This song in particular always makes me cry because it’s about love coming to an end. Even without background music, they sounds like angels! Listen for yourself, you’re welcome.

6. Hanson – Mmmbop

AGAIN, all the girls at my school loved these three brothers, except me. I think I was the only girl who thought they all looked like girls. Still, this song is definitely one of my faves from my childhood. I don’t even know what Mmmbop means but I want some.

5. 98 degrees – I do cherish you

Alright, besides the obvious heartthrob Nick Lachey, this band was also popular for their talent. These boys can actually sing. I’m not going to judge anyone who played this song at their wedding, I’m looking at you Uncle Ted.

4. O-Town – Liquid dreams

I sort of cheated with this one because they formed in early 2000 on MTV’s Making the Band. They just missed the 90s, but they were up there with the heavy weights. Every 90s child knows the name Ashley Parker Angel. This song is about liquid dreams, or wet dreams. Really guys, there was nothing else you wanted to sing about?

3. Backstreet boys – I Want It That Way

I heard this song in HMV the other day and realized I will never forget the words. While I was alone in singing it aloud, this song is a classic that every generation will obsess over. Even guys like Backstreet boys. My brother will kill me for this, but he went with me to see them in grade six. Sorry Pat.

2. N*Sync – Bye Bye Bye

N*Sync formed in 1995 and had the chance to play at the Super Bowl, which, if you don’t know, is basically the biggest achievement you can have in my eyes. In the video for “Bye Bye Bye,” they play puppets with strings controlled by a young girl. It reminds me of the N*Sync dolls I used to have, remember those? They were basically the same as the One Direction dolls you see for sale these days with slight alterations. Oh, and who could forget N*Sync’s most notable export, Justin Timberlake, who is still making music and making women swoon everywhere.

1. New Kids on the Block – Step by Step

If this isn’t the best hit in the history of boy bands, I don’t know what is. Not only are NKOTB still touring and making music today, girls these days still know this song! All the girls loved Joey, but I was always more of a Donnie kind of girl. PLUS Mark Wahlberg was once a member. At least one brother stayed in the group!

What’s your favourite boy band song from the 90s?

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  1. Nat Nat says:

    ?????? ????????????? ?? ?????????? ????? ?? ?????? ?????????? ? ?? ?? ??????
    ??????? One direction ? ?????? ????? 90-? ? ??? ????? 80-? ??? ??? ??…. ?? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???????? ????? ?????? ??? Take that or Westlife – they are 90-s’ boys bends but not the One direction
    N*Sync’s most notable export, Justin Timberlake as Take that – Robin Williams, isn’t it?
    ? ?????? ?? ??????? ??????? ?????? ???????????
    Not only are NKOTB still touring and making music today, girls these days still know this song!

    I remember NKOTB I was 8 years but I don’t remember words
    AND THIS GUYS not still making music… they started do it again they don’t had no one hit during last 20 years…
    fisrt pat I wrote on russian // think you know about translaters

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