Soulful cover of Olly Murs “Troublemaker” will make you swoon

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It seems like there are amazing new cover artists appearing everyday. Thank you youtube for letting all these amazing talents put their work online to share with us. Nicki Wissel’s cover of Olly Mur’s “Troublemaker” is so soulful and you really see him get into the song. This guy’s voice is insane. I also love the backdrop, the laundry room makes the cover seem even more stripped down and basic.

Nicki Wissel has covers of other songs like King Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire,” Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean,” and David Guetta’s “Titanium.” He’s also German! He even has a few original songs up on his youtube channel (in German). Can we expect an EP? I hope so! Whats better than acoustic cover artists? Yep. Foreign cover artists. Did I mention he also tried out for X Factor?

I’m slightly obsessed now.

Watch the cover below

Watch Nicki Wissel’s cover of “Sex On Fire” below¬†

Watch Nicki Wissel’s original song “Marie” below

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