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“I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” – Tegan and Sara

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Tegan and Sara’s upcoming album Heartthrob is filled with upbeat tearjerkers like this one…trust the duo to come up with the saddest lyrics set to dance-pop music. “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend,” is about the aftermath of a broken relationship when it’s impossible to be ‘just friends’. But instead of a slow ballad like you would expect, the song swells with power pop beats and cheerful chords. Heartthrob hits stored Jan. 29.

“One Way Trigger” – The Strokes

The Strokes’ new track is probably the most surprising song I’ve heard so far this year and sounds nothing like any Strokes song out there. Pretty much, the track sounds like it’s been thrown into a video game, the guitars have been traded in for synthpop, and lead singer Julian Casablancas tries his hand at falsetto singing. It’s different, but I still give the guys kudos for trying something new.

“Never Seen Such Good Things” – Devendra Banhart

Here’s another example of a deceptive post-breakup song. Devendra Banhart’s new single off his upcoming eighth album Mala sounds like the sort of track you would play while laying on the beach sipping on fruity drinks. Don’t be fooled by the slow guitar, great bass line, and tropical inspiration, however, the lyrics are downright depressing. Mala is out Mar. 12.

“Buried Alive” – Veronica Falls

British indie-poppers Veronica Falls just released the second single from their latest album Waiting for Something to Happen. Buried Alive follows in its predecessor Teenage’s footsteps with typical Veronica Falls sounds. Jangly guitars, light vocals and a fuzzy tone overall, with some great harmonies thrown in.

“Now” – Paramore

Paramore’s long awaited single “Now,” off their upcoming self-titled album shows off the band’s new, mature sound. The lyrics talk about losing battles, winning wars and making something positive out of nothing. While the track starts off slow, it quickly ventures into full-blown Paramore territory with signature driving guitars and lead singer Hayley Williams’ powerhouse vocals. Paramore hits stores April 9.

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